OnePlusOne training wins E-Learning Gold Award

16 November 2010

The UK’s leading relationships research charity OnePlusOne is celebrating the success of its new e-learning programme Relationship Support: an early intervention after it scooped the Gold Award for ‘Excellence in the production of learning content – not for profit sector’ at last week’s prestigious E-Learning Awards.

The judges recognised OnePlusOne’s first e-learning venture as an ambitious, well researched project based on sound instructional thinking and innovative ideas around peer participation.

Designed in partnership with leading online learning developers Nelson Croom, the e-learning programme equips frontline workers with the necessary skills to recognise and respond to clients seeking relationship support.

The e-learning programme harnesses OnePlusOne’s 40 years of experience in producing valuable practitioner materials from its evidence based research in a new and innovative approach that allows users to develop and practice the difficult skills needed to support relationships in a safe online space.

One Plus One developed the programme using scenario-based activities and real-life situations to create an interactive experience that engages learners and equips them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support clients with relationship issues.

To the delight of OnePlusOne’s research and practice development teams, the judges noted that the programme’s “successful combination of knowledge transfer activities, thought-provoking scenarios and reflective pieces has led to wide take-up and evidence of real improvement in practitioner’s skills and confidence.”

The award will be a further cause for celebration for the charity as it prepares for its 40th anniversary in 2011.

OnePlusOne’s director Penny Mansfield said:

“I am delighted that the value of the research that underpins OnePlusOne’s e-learning programme has been recognised with the prestigious E-Learning Gold Award. It is a fitting reward for four decades of hard work and research excellence as we approach our 40th anniversary next year.”

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Lauren Gasser

Marketing Manager

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