Free online marriage preparation for couples tying the knot

09 December 2010

News that Prince William and Kate Middleton will attend marriage preparation classes in the run up to their wedding has been welcomed by the UK’s leading relationship research charity, OnePlusOne, which offers couples free DIY advice based on the latest evidence on how to make love last.

Wills and Kate might have the Archbishop of Canterbury on speed dial to answer their queries and concerns, but users of OnePlusOne’s online relationship support service have found an easy way to prepare themselves for their big commitment through a series of online articles, exercises and video clips on the site’s “making a commitment” section.

Marriage guidance has long featured in the preparations for religious weddings, but more recently couples marrying in civil ceremonies are opting for pre-wedding relationship support.

Couples often fail to ask each other the fundamental questions, from “Do we want children?” to “How will we cope when we disagree?” Even questions like “How will we manage our finances?” are left unasked in the spirit of ever-lasting romance.

By working through’s “making a commitment” articles couples have the opportunity to address issues that may arise throughout their marriage in a space and time convenient to them and without the need to sign up for more formal marriage preparation classes.

OnePlusOne’s director Penny Mansfield said:

“Making a commitment is more than saying “I do”. It is about being clear from the start about what each of you expect from the other and how you will make those important compromises that are needed to make love last. These days we have a wealth of knowledge about what makes relationships work, more couples need to access that as they start their life together.”’s marriage preparation materials meet the Government’s call for effective early intervention services to support couple relationships in the UK. In his speech on wellbeing on 25 November 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“It is absolutely right that people’s wellbeing often depends on the quality of their relationships, so we should ask as a country, why do we spend billions and billions on the consequences of family breakdown, but so little on trying to help families stay together?”

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