DIY relationship support – couples are doing it for themselves

10 December 2011

News that the Government will increase funding for relationship support over the next four years has been welcomed by OnePlusOne, the UK’s leading relationships research organisation; one of the key organisations mentioned in David Cameron’s passionate speech today in Leeds .

Director of OnePlusOne Penny Mansfield, who was at this mornings breakfast meeting with the Prime Minister, said:

“We are very excited by the acknowledgment relationship support has finally received and look forward to working with the government on a range of new approaches offering first class support to every family.

“David Cameron is absolutely right to stress the need for addressing relationship problems early to prevent more intensive, costly interventions being required. We identified the “turned to moment” – when a relationship issue is revealed to someone like a GP or a health visitor – and designed training for these busy practitioners which has been strikingly successful in enabling them to listen and offer effective help.”

Acknowledging many of the barriers people feel when seeking relationship support, OnePlusOne launched a do-it-yourself approach to improving your relationship – innovative web service The service now has over 400,000 users. is a 21st century service for 21st century parents. It respects that couple relationships are private and offers a DIY support service that places our expertise directly into the hands of users.

With ever growing numbers of users a big part of the service’s huge success is due to the fact that people can access support 24hrs a day from the privacy of their own home. The service is also completely anonymous, something that is particularly appealing to men.

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