Singles looking for love boost UK economy

LS:N Global, 29 November 2012

There are now about 1,500 dating portals based in the UK, accounting for over one-third of all dating sites in Europe. Two-thirds of British consumers who date online do so through dating sites such as Match and eHarmony. Meanwhile, 2.8m use sites such as Sexintheuk for more erotic encounters.

But not all dating is done through specialist dating websites. Justine Devenney, head of policy at relationships charity OnePlusOne, tells LS:N Global: ‘A study of 2,552 UK adults showed that around half of couples who met online did so via online dating, but significant numbers also did so via social networking sites and chat rooms.’

Justine Devenney, OnePlusOne’s Head of Policy, quoted in an article on the growing internet dating market in Britain, published by trend forecasting network LS:N Global.