OnePlusOne Statement sent to MPs on Equal Marriage Second Reading

05 February 2013

OnePlusOne is a UK charity that exists to strengthen relationships and share knowledge and information about the changing nature of relationships. Everything we do is based on the latest evidence.

The second reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill is scheduled for Tuesday 5th February and we have outlined below some key points and links to information that you may find useful should you be considering taking part in the debate.

  • Strong relationships are important for individuals, families and society. There is social capital to be gained from enabling people to strengthen their relationship by making a commitment to one another.
  • Being in a committed relationship is important because it give people a sense of belonging. People value having someone who is always there for them; on their side; someone to come home to; someone they can rely on. The traditional marriage vows articulate that expectation.
  • Rituals, like marriage, are important in terms of strengthening relationships and getting married has value because it is a public commitment between two people. Evidence shows that getting married strengthens relationships.
  • For some same sex couples, as with heterosexual couples, being able to make a public commitment through marriage is an important transition in their relationship.

You can find key facts on same sex marriage by clicking here and you may also find it useful to read the Policy Exchange’s report ‘What’s in a Name? Is there a case for equal marriage?’  This report adopts an evidence-based analysis of the arguments around marriage equality to consider whether there is a compelling argument to reform the law. It pursues a reasoned analysis of the equal marriage concept and its practical implications and evaluates the arguments on both sides of the divide. It also explores the experience of other countries where marriage equality is already a reality.

If you would like further information, please contact Head of Policy, Justine Devenney 0207 5539537 or mobile 07545068164