OnePlusOne comments on recent research in Journal Of Marriage And Family

02 July 2013

Penny Mansfield, Director of relationship charity OnePlusOne comments:

 “The research published today in the Journal of Marriage and Family has raised some interesting points. Here at OnePlusOne we encourage couples of all ages and stages of their relationships to ensure steps are taken to resolve conflict. Avoiding tensions cause greater problems for the couple in the long run, no matter how long a couple has been together.

“With any couple there will always be times when the relationship faces challenges, but knowing help is at hand and sourcing relationship advice at the beginning of a problem, rather than when it becomes a bigger issue is key to strengthening relationships. Our website has an excellent online tool for couples, addressing how they can indeed argue ’better’ and in turn strengthen and enhance their relationship.

“Of course, arguments are part of life.  We are not saying ‘don’t argue’  – we often feel better after clearing the air, but our online resource  can show you how to argue in a way that will not damage the relationship. It is about accepting that we are all different people, sometimes it we simply have to agree to disagree.”

See our How To Argue Better course on for more.