Married Couples Tax Allowance Statement

15 October 2013

Many people aspire to marriage as it publicly shows a commitment to one another and can have a positive effect on relationships, and with that in mind the Relationships Alliance welcomes the current discussion about the marriage tax allowance as it shows a willingness by the Government to support relationships.

However it’s important that this policy forms part of a wider reform to champion the value of commitment and relationship quality and recognises that marriage is not chosen by everyone, thus ensuring that support is available also to those who do not get married, or enter long term relationships at all, particularly young, low-income parents.

Relationship breakdown costs the UK economy £46 billion every year, so it is vital that support is available to give all relationships, married or not, a real chance of working, with affordable, accessible information and expert support available to those who require it at the earliest possible juncture. With this in mind the Relationships Alliance welcome all initiatives that remove disincentives to building high quality, committed relationships, particularly for those most disadvantaged.