Two-thirds of young people place the future of their relationship in the hands of fate

24 December 2013

The course of true love never did run smooth, but more than half of young people (68%) are philosophical about whether their relationships will last, holding the view that ‘if it’s meant to be,’ then it will work out.

Whilst the majority of young people felt that big arguments were just a blip (27%), more than two-thirds believe that the success of their relationship ultimately sits in the hands of fate rather than within their own control.

While most (36%) of young people said they ‘wanted to resolve the issue’ after an argument, 12% worried whether it was normal to argue in the way they were, and just another 12% felt it wasn’t worth continuing the relationship if they were constantly having rows.

The study by relationship charity OnePlusOne also found that boys were less likely than girls to want to sort things out if the couple was arguing regularly.

Jamie, 21, said: “I wouldn’t have done anything differently, as I don’t believe the relationship didn’t work out due to what either of us did. During the relationship I learned that having a relationship could be a great thing to have, however you need to make sure the time is right and the person is right for you.”

Young mum, Rachel, 19 added: “Everything happens for a reason, if I had done things differently I may not have my son. Life is a journey and that was part of mine. We split up because I got bored of the routine we found ourselves in.”

OnePlusOne Director, Penny Mansfield said: “Young people need to remember that relationships are constantly changing and that lows as well as highs are perfectly normal.
“Successfully coming through a challenging time can help to strengthen a relationship. It’s important to take responsibility for issues that come up in a relationship as there are often ways to work things through rather than feeling resigned it’s all over after an argument.”

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