Tax breaks for married couples is a state bribe from Conservative party preaching morals to the masses

The Sunday People, 29 December 2013

A great piece from The Sunday People political editor Nigel Nelson championing our brand new Splitting Up, Put Kids First online service for separating parents.

“This Friday is affectionately known to solicitors as D-Day. As in D for divorce.

It’s traditionally their busiest time of the year as it dawns on warring couples forced to spend Christmas and New Year together that they would prefer to spend the rest of their lives apart.

But while the nasty business of divorce is purgatory for parents, it can be hell for children.

So congratulations to the relationship charity OnePlusOne which has chosen Friday to launch its online parenting plan Splitting Up? Put Kids First (

It’s government funded, but what I like about it is it gives straightforward, practical help to parents to minimise the pain kids face without moralising.”

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