Half of new couples will meet on the internet by 2031 as relationships that start at school or work decline

MailOnline, 24 January 2014

OnePlusOne researcher Dr Mariya Stoilova talks about online dating.

Dr Mariya Stoilova, researcher at relationship charity OnePlusOne said: ‘Online dating has become more culturally acceptable as a legitimate approach to finding a partner. 

‘While traditional dating relationships might take months to develop in the real world, online dating relationships unfold much faster. 

‘However research reveals some downsides to online dating.

‘Relationship psychologists have pointed out that online daters are more likely to objectify potential partners which might even undermine their willingness to commit to one of them on the long run.

‘This is among many of the important things to consider by the growing number of people seeking for love in the virtual space.’

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