Top employers see the value of using ‘relationship science’ to get the best out of staff at work

03 July 2014

A new report has been hailed by leading employers as an important step forward in building resilience, supporting motivation and boosting productivity.

Engaging Workplaces, Effective Relationships  published today (July 4) shows employers how, by building effective relationships amongst their staff, their workforce experience positive impacts on all aspects of their life – including within their relationships at home.

The report, produced by charities OnePlusOne and Working Families reveals that there is a positive connection between an employee’s engagement at work and the quality of their relationships. It also shows that home-life can be a significant driver of motivation at work and that work-life can have a huge impact on personal relationships.

The report includes toolkits and actions that businesses of all sizes can use to create more effective relationships in the workplace, which in turn can enhance employee performance and help strengthen relationships in their personal life.

The Mindful Working Tool, developed as part of the project encourages employees to leave work on time, to have conversations with colleagues about life outside work and to switch off their work mobile and not check emails out of office hours.

The tools have been piloted by Metro Bank, National Grid, The London School of Economics and Political Science and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust with positive results over the past year.

Penny Mansfield, director of relationship charity OnePlusOne said: “Our research has established a strong link between happy homes and productive workplaces.

“Armed with this finding five innovative employers put that research into practice and shown that  employers can recognise the value of relational capability in the workplace as an approach to organising work and managing people and the contribution of strong of family and personal relationships to their bottom line.”

Sarah Jackson, chief executive of work-life balance charity Working Families said: “Working Families are very pleased to have worked with OnePlusOne and the authors on this report.
“The toolkits are an important resource for employers seeking to increase their employee wellbeing and engagement, which will benefit their business in a number of ways.

“At the same time, many of us work from home or away from a usual office setting so it’s very important to remember the importance of relationship skills and how vital they are to a positive experience when dealing with colleagues, customers and of course at home.”

To download a copy of the Engaging Workplaces, Effective Relationships report in full, visit:


For more information call Nadia Gilani at OnePlusOne on 020 7553 9538 or email or Julie McCarthy at Working Families on 020 7017 0070 or email

Notes to editors

About OnePlusOne

OnePlusOne is an evidence-based charity that has been researching what makes couple relationships work out or come to an end for more than 40 years. The charity creates online services based on the latest evidence to help people resolve relationship difficulties themselves. It also provides online training for frontline family workers to equip them with the skills to offer timely relationship support in a face-to-face setting. For more information, go to

About Working Families

Working Families is the UK’s leading work-life organisation. The charity supports and gives a voice to working parents and carers, whilst also helping employers create workplaces which encourage work-life balance for everyone. The Working Families helpline for parents, carers, and their advisers gives advice on employment rights and benefits. Call 0300 012 012 or email The helpline is supported by the Big Lottery Fund.