The search is on for the nation’s top Love Nuggets

28 July 2014

Relationship charity OnePlusOne has today (July 28) launched the search for the nation’s best ‘Love Nuggets’ – a quest to uncover and celebrate the everyday things people do that make a happy relationship.

Evidence suggests that regular, simple actions such as taking the one you love a cup of tea in bed or running them a bath after a tough day can lead to healthier and happier relationships in the long run.

The campaign is backed by strong research that shows these everyday things matter in relationships, and now OnePlusOne is calling on the British public to share what works for them on the dedicated love nuggets hub –

As well as sharing their own, lovers young and old can visit the site for inspiration, or to try out the ‘love nuggets generator’ for randomised suggestions of ‘nuggets’ they could apply to their own love life.

And there are prizes to be won too! Leading websites including: Netmums,, theCoupleConnection, Youthnet’s and will be running competitions for people who share their love nuggets on the sites. There are several prizes up for grabs including vouchers for, Red Letter Days and Amazon vouchers.

Penny Mansfield, director of OnePlusOne said:“It’s easy to get caught up in the larger issues that relationships tend to throw up and, in doing so, overlook the smaller, more subtle things that do really matter and can help keep a relationship healthy and strong.

“It’s these small acts that help us to connect with our partner, demonstrate our commitment, improve communication, show we care, achieve compromise and even resolve conflicts – the 6 ‘C’s’ at the heart of a strong and healthy relationship.

“We want people to recognise the value of the simple gestures and to give others ideas of everyday things they could be doing to strengthen a relationship. We want to find out what some of the most common examples are as well as some of the more unusual love nuggets.”

Love Nuggets can be something someone’s done for you, an everyday thing you’ve done for someone else, or an action you’ve seen, heard or remembered. Whatever the nugget, OnePlusOne wants to hear them and encourage people to share them with the rest of the nation.

For further information, visit For regular updates and a daily dose of love nuggets follow @LoveNuggetsUK


For more information call Nadia Gilani at OnePlusOne on 020 7553 9538  or email or Lucy Witt at Claremont on 07789 069559 or email

Notes to editors

  • OnePlusOne is an evidence-based charity that has been researching what makes couple relationships work or fall apart for more than 40 years. It uses the latest evidence to create services to help people to resolve their relationship difficulties themselves. The effects of family breakdown can leave children with a legacy that continues the cycle into the next generation, and the one after that. Evidence suggests that helping people develop relationship skills such as how to argue better, how to communicate effectively and how to manage stressful changes and times of change can be very effective forms of early intervention.
  • The Love Nuggets campaign aims to promote the 6 C’s: Connect, Commit, Communicate, Care, Compromise and Conflict Resolution.
  • Evidence shows these six factors are proven to help strengthen relationships. Relationships need to be worked at,just as taking regular exercise keeps us physically healthy. This campaign uses the latest research evidence to support people to have healthy relationships, make them fun and help them thrive.
  • These six C’s are not a magic formula. Research shows that some relationships do fail, even if couples do all these things.
  • The Vulnerability Stress Adaptation model of Marriage explains that people bring vulnerabilities that people bring to a relationship that could be based on childhood experiences or other external pressures and the effect of these can sometimes be too great for a relationship to survive.
  • The ‘Love Nuggets’campaign was designed to create awareness of the little things that strengthen relationships, not create actual change in society.  It is due to run for a set period of time and designed to be a channel for members of the public to share their own experiences.
  • The campaign is a light hearted opportunity for members of the public to share the ways in which they make their own relationships special.  There is a wealth of evidence to indicate it is it is small gestures that can strengthen relationships, and the campaign is aiming to offer inspiration for users from other users.
  • The campaign is costing about £45,000 and is a extremely effective way in engaging the public in taking action to strengthen their relationships, and is part of the a programme of work that OPO is currently commissioned to do.