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Me, You and Baby too: Support for frontline staff working with expectant parents

By OnePlusOne, 19 August 2015 Children, Communication, Conflict, Early intervention, Fathers, Health, New baby, New parents, Parenting, Pregnancy, Strengthening relationships, Stress, Transitions

When a couple prepares for the arrival of a baby the ‘to do’ list is often a long one.  Rather low down on this list, if there at all, tends to be talking to each other about the impact a new baby may have on their relationship. There is much evidence to show that not preparing for this transition can be detrimental to the health of the couple relationship and possibly the baby too.

The problem is, talking about relationships can often feel awkward, not just for the couple but also for those who work with parents such as Health Visitors and Midwives. That feeling of opening a can of worms and then not being able to stuff them back in is one most of us are familiar with!

Me, You and Baby too has been developed by OnePlusOne to encourage parents to talk about their changing relationship and also to support frontline practitioners to feel confident in their role supporting them through this time of change.

When we took the training for Me, You and Baby too out to the practitioners we were very encouraged to see how well it was received. While frontline practitioners are no strangers to talking to parents about their relationships, Me, You and Baby too provides them with a whole workshop of ideas, activities, and relationship insights that get discussion going, as well as preventative steps to be taken to strengthen their relationships.

Practitioners reported that they found the materials gave them easy to use tools, such as cartoons and videos, to introduce topics like ‘sex and intimacy’ that otherwise can feel awkward for a couple (and sometimes the practitioner). With the use of posters, work sheets, and a range of activities the practitioners feel armed and ready to tackle this transitional period for parents in a positive and proactive way.

Me, You and Baby too goes on to support couples by providing online sessions that they can do together, that encourage them to think about different aspects of their relationship and plan how they are going to stay connected to one another when the baby arrives.


The latest press release on the launch of this pilot can be found here.


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