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Choice not chance: Ministry of Justice encourages people to plan for the future

By OnePlusOne, 27 February 2015 Legal

A new awareness-raising campaign from the Ministry of Justice is highlighting the importance of planning for the future, with a focus on taking out Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and making a legal will.

The campaign, which is being promoted through the #ChoiceNotChance hashtag, is encouraging people to make active choices about the future that they may not have considered yet. The three strands of the campaign are:

  • Taking out Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Making a legal will
  • Joining the organ donor register

The idea of an LPA is that your choices around health, wellbeing and financial matters will be respected in the event that you become unable to make decisions through illness or injury. Setting up an LPA involves choosing someone to act as attorney for you and filling in some forms available on the website.

Making a legal will is a simple process, and ensures your wishes are carried out when you die. Having a will means you can leave inheritance to unmarried partners, and have a say in how much control ex-spouses have over your estate. It also allows you to appoint a legal guardian for your children

Penny Mansfield, director of OnePlusOne, says:

‘Taking a conscious decision about your future is incredibly important. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney and a legal will can give you peace of mind about what will happen when you’re not around to oversee important decisions. If you have an unmarried partner, or an ex-spouse, it can really help to know that they will only be involved in key life decisions in the way you want them to be.’

For more information about the campaign and tips on how to plan for your own future, visit the campaign page at Gov.UK/choicenotchance and keep an eye out for the #ChoiceNotChance hashtag on social media.


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