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“Just do it”: Communicating implementation science and practice

By OnePlusOne, 29 September 2016

This report from the Frameworks Institute provides a set of key strategies for communicating about implementation science and practice.

Implementation science is the analysis and understanding of the process by which an innovation, programme, intervention or practice is put into use. Implementation refers to the action of applying and realising the programme that has been developed. Implementation science aims to identify and understand the potential barriers and enablers to successful implementation.

This report is grounded in an understanding of how implementation is understood by experts, practitioners and members of the public. By mapping the ways that these different groups reason about implementation, the report identifies a set of challenges that must be addressed in order to allow non-experts to access and use knowledge and perspectives from implementation science. The report also outlines a potential strategy to pursue when approaching the range of understandings and assumptions that people have about such topics as the use of evidence, improving practice, effective implementation and institutional change.

Read the full report from the Frameworks Institute


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