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Division of Labor and Sexual Satisfaction Among First-Time Parents

By OnePlusOne, 30 September 2015 Communication, Early intervention, Fathers, Marriage, New baby, New parents, Parenting, Postnatal depression, Sex, Strengthening relationships, Transitions

Sexual intimacy is an important feature to many people’s couple relationships, but often declines during the transition to parenthood[1]. This new study from Maas and colleagues explores in-depth some of the factors that may contribute to this decline, or by contrast, may improve outcomes for couples.

Findings show that satisfaction with the division of labour was important for both mothers’ and fathers’ sexual satisfaction—yet for different subdomains. For mothers, satisfaction with the division of household labour predicted more satisfaction with overall sex life and frequency of cuddling and amount of passion. But only fathers, and not mothers, linked this satisfaction to satisfaction in the amount of romance.

Furthermore, the findings of the study highlight the importance of non-intercourse behaviours for first-time parents, as the results suggest that “sexual satisfaction is more nuanced and expands beyond satisfaction with sexual intercourse or sexual pleasure for first-time parents” (p. 17).

You can view the full research article here.

[1] Petch J. and Halford W.K. (2008): Psycho-education to enhance couples’ transition to parenthood. Clin Psychol Rev 28: 1125–1137.


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