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Improving young people’s health and wellbeing: A framework for public health.

By OnePlusOne, 02 March 2016 Health, Sex

In this framework, Public Health England highlights the importance of ensuring that every young person has the right level of support to help them to maximise their full potential. It recognises the crucial role that parents, carers and families have in providing supportive, nurturing environments. It also draws on the evidence showing that when local services work together to meet needs in a holistic way, they are more effective. The framework presents six core principles related to young people’s health, wellbeing, and resilience.

Relationships are placed at the centre of young people’s health and wellbeing in this framework. These can be with friends, family, romantic/sexual partners, teachers, role models, health professionals and others in the local community. Relationships are recognised as helping to make young people resilient, but they can also make them vulnerable. As a result, PHE advocate that recognising and supporting healthy relationships is central to improving young people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Read the full framework here.


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