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Latest work-life balance survey from American Psychological Association

By OnePlusOne, 30 September 2015 Behaviour change, Communication, Early intervention, Employment, Strengthening relationships, Work-life balance

The line between people’s work and non-work lives continues to blur, according to the American Psychological Association, with four out of 10 (42 percent) saying they take care of personal or family needs during work and about a quarter reporting that they regularly bring work home (26 percent), work during vacations (25 percent), and allow work to interrupt time with family and friends (25 percent). However, although technology allows communication to span work and non-work boundaries, a majority of U.S. workers say they control the boundaries between their work and personal life and decide whether they keep them separate, which perhaps contributes to the fact that Americans report a fairly good fit between their work and non-work lives (5.3 on a 7-point scale).

This report demonstrates the importance of work-life fit, in that employees who reported better work-life fit were more likely to say they are motivated to do their best at work, are more satisfied with their job, have better relationships with their boss and coworkers, were less likely to say they intend to leave their job in the next year and were more likely to recommend their employer as a good place to work. Results suggest that fit is primarily driven by people’s control of boundaries around their work and non-work lives, as well as the extent to which they identify with their work role. Work identity and fit contribute to work engagement, with stronger work identity and feeling like work is a good fit with the rest of life related to higher levels of work engagement.

For a deeper exploration of how our home lives are connected to outcomes at work, see our recent publication ‘Improving work outcomes: the value of couple and family relationships’.

You can view the full research article here.


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