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More support for separating couples

By OnePlusOne, 04 January 2013 Divorce, Separation

Christmas can be a difficult time for relationships. Each year, OnePlusOne support a huge number of stressed-out couples during the festive period via our two online services and

Over 25,000 users visited in December 2011 and in the January 2012, post-Christmas, the number of monthly visitors rose to 32,76, an increase of 26.1%.

Despite all the time spent with their partners and family, many people are seeking help on Christmas day itself. There were 284 people using on Dec 25 2010 and this rose to 431 on Dec 25 2011. We estimate that this growth will continue in December 2012.

Of course, most of our users are those who are still trying to make it work but next week will see the busiest time of year for divorce lawyers.

The first week back at work is when the most enquiries about separation and divorce are made – so much so that the first working day in January is known as ‘Divorce Day’.

In the current climate, families are feeling very insecure, tired and stressed. So in the post-Christmas season, things feel even tougher. Add to this the prospect of going back to work and the same old routine and for some it can be too much.

Sometimes, the threat of divorce is a desperate attempt to get your partner to sit up and take notice; other times it really is the beginning of the end.

New Government measures are being put in place to support separating couples. These will ensure that couples who do decide to separate are more aware of support like that offered by and mediation services.

The Government is now expected to invest an additional £10m this year (taking the total spent to £25m) to ensure more couples seek support and mediation. was developed by OnePlusOne and mediators by translating skills and resources used in face-to-face mediation sessions for online use. In addition, the forum is moderated by trained mediators.

There is lots of information about mediation on the site explaining how couples can use it to work out arrangements around their separation with specialist guidance.

This new funding follows changes to the court processes last year which mean couples seeking a court order about child contact or a financial matter attend a mediation assessment session first, to find out about more and decide whether it is suitable for their situation.


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