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National Work-Life Balance Week

By Lauren Gasser, 26 September 2014 Employment, Strengthening relationships, Work-life balance

It’s National Work-Life Balance Week, and we at OnePlusOne are excited to be a part of cutting-edge research into the impact of work-related stress on both productivity and personal relationships.

We have collaborated with the UK’s leading work-life balance organisation Working Families on a new report, Engaging Workplaces, Effective Relationships, which is full of research findings about the true impact of an unhappy work environment on all facets of life.

In the first of two short videos, OnePlusOne Researcher Alec Martin highlights key research findings and discusses important changes to UK employment legislation. In the second, OnePlusOne Director Penny Mansfield CBE talks about why a clear distinction between work-life and home-life is so important.

Download a copy of Engaging Workplaces, Effective Relationships.


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