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OnePlusOne Research and Policy Digest – April 2014

By OnePlusOne, 30 April 2014 Strengthening relationships

OnePlusOne’s monthly roundup of the key research and policy news to emerge from the field of relationships, including the latest journal articles of interest to family and relationships practitioners and researchers.

Research and statistics

“Baby Bonds: Parenting, attachment and a secure base for children”

A study of 14,000 US children published by Sutton Trust. The study finds that 40% lack strong emotional bonds or “secure attachment”. The researchers found that these children are more likely to face educational and behavioural problems.

Fatherhood Institute research summaries

The Fatherhood Institute has released a number of short summaries this month on topics including: Paternity leave, Co-parenting and early childhood development; and Supportive fathers, healthy mothers, as well as other topics related to fathers. These summaries provide a concise overview of the evidence relating to the specific areas.

For Adults Only? Underage access to online porn: A research report by the Authority for Television On Demand (“ATVOD”)

Based on a panel of 45,000 Internet users, this report considers the scale of underage access to adult websites. Findings reveal that 44,000 primary school age children (aged 6 – 11) in the UK visited an adult website from a PC or laptop in December 2013, with the figure rising to 200,000 for children aged 6-15 and 473,000 for those aged 6-17.

Predicting wellbeing

A report from NatCen which includes findings about the association of marital status, partnerships and social relationships with subjective wellbeing. It also suggests that children’s happiness is likely to be the same whether they live with two biological parents, a step-parent and biological parent, or in a single parent family.

‘The Fathers’ Journey’: a survey of help-seeking behaviour by separating and recently separated fathers

A paper presented at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood focusing on fathers’ experiences across the transition to separation with a focus on help-seeking behaviour.

Policy and practice

‘Largest family justice reform for a generation’ comes into effect

Family justice reforms, which the Ministry of Justice has termed ‘the largest for a generation’, come into effect on 22 April. This article details the nature of the reforms and the changes which they are aiming to achieve.

Take divorce out of judges’ hands – Munby

Divorce could be taken out of the hands of judges and dealt with by a ‘registrar of births, deaths, marriages and divorces’, the head of the family court has suggested.

In a report from the Law Gazette, Sir James Munby suggested that thought should be given to ‘uncoupling’ the process of divorce from adjudicating on financial relief, in the same way that determining child disputes has been separated from divorce.

Family court reforms criticised

An article from the Law Gazette on reforms to the family court. These reforms are causing delays and making it harder for the public to gain access, an early adopter of the new system has claimed.

Journal articles

A Longitudinal Study of Paternal Mental Health During Transition to Fatherhood as Young Adults

Garfield, C. F., Duncan, G., Rutsohn, J., McDade, T. W., Adam, E. K., Coley, R. L. and Chase-Lansdale, P. L. (2014) Pediatrics, doi: 10.1542/peds.2013-3262.

Fathers’ Involvement with Their Nonresident Children and Material Hardship

Nepomnyaschy, L. and Garfinkel, I. (forthcoming) Social Service Review.

Grasping the Diversity of Cohabitation: Fertility Intentions Among Cohabiters Across Europe

Hiekel, N. and Castro-Martín, T. (2014) Journal of Marriage and Family, 76(3): 489-505.

Relationship Satisfaction Trajectories Across the Transition to Parenthood Among Low-Risk Parents

Don, B. P. and Mickelson, K. D. (2014) Journal of Marriage and Family, 76(3):677-692.

Satisfaction with Love Life Across the Adult Life Span

Neto, F. and da Conceição Pinto, M. (2014) Applied Research in Quality of Life, doi: 10.1007/s11482-014-9314-6

The Decoupling of Marriage and Parenthood? Trends in the Timing of Marital First Births, 1945–2002

Hayford, S.R., Guzzo, K. B. and Smock, P. J. (2014) Journal of Marriage and Family, 76(3):520-538.

The effect of relationship status on health with dynamic health and persistent relationships

Kohn, J. L. and Averett, S. L. (2014) Journal of Health Economics, 36: 69-83.


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