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OnePlusOne Research and Policy Digest – August 2013

By OnePlusOne, 29 August 2013

OnePlusOne’s monthly roundup of the key research and policy news to emerge from the field of relationships, including the latest journal articles of interest to family and relationships practitioners and researchers.

Research and statistics

More Siblings Means Less Chance of Divorce as Adult
Growing up with siblings may provide some protection against divorce as an adult, a new nationwide study reveals. And the more siblings, the better: Each additional sibling a person has (up to about seven) reduces the likelihood of divorce by 2 per cent.
Summer holidays fray parents’ relationships, new research reveals
Nearly a fifth of parents end the school holidays contemplating divorce or separation, according to new research from Stowe Family Law. Eighteen per cent of parents began the new school year contemplating major changes to their relationships, including separation or divorce., the survey reveals.
The Key to Happy Relationships? It’s Not All About Communication
In an Internet-based study involving 2,201 participants referred by couples counsellors, scientists decided to test, head to head, seven “relationship competencies” . In addition to communication and conflict resolution, the researchers tested for sex or romance, stress management, life skills, knowledge of partners and self-management to see which ones were the best predictors of relationship satisfaction.
The number of people age 60 and over getting divorced has risen since the 1990s
ONS divorce statistics show that the number of people getting divorced each year has been falling steadily since the mid-1990s. This is in contrast to the number of people aged 60 and over divorcing which has been rising during this period. This rise is partly driven by the increasing number of people aged 60 and over living in England and Wales. Other possible reasons for the increase, and the characteristics of those older people divorcing, are explored in this short summary.

Policy and practice

MacMillan Dictionary expands definition of marriage to include gay couples
The online dictionary has become the first UK dictionary to revise its definition of marriage to reflect the change in the law allowing same sex couples to marry.
Schools accused of reviving section 28 in sex education policies
Ministers have ordered an immediate investigation into evidence suggesting schools have been enforcing a bitterly controversial rule banning the “promotion” of homosexuality, 10 years after it was abolished.
Tony Abbott offers married couples voucher for counselling
Tony Abbott, Australia’s opposition leader, plans to save and strengthen the nation’s romantic relationships by offering £120 vouchers for counselling to couples who get engaged and those already married.
When a Relationship Becomes a Game
An app that reminds us to be thoughtful can take the spontaneity out of dating. But love may have more to do with game theory than we think.

Journal articles

An updated and expanded meta-analysis of nonresident fathering and child well-being.
Adamsons, K. and Johnson, S. K. (August 2013) Journal of Family Psychology, 27(4)

Exploring Co-Parent Experiences of Sexuality in the First 3 Months after Birth
Van Anders, S. M., Hipp, L. E. and Low, L. K. (August 2013) the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 10(8)

Marital Satisfaction among Dual-Earner Couples: Gender Ideologies and Family-to-Work Conflict
Minnotte, K. L., Minnotte, M. C. and Pedersen, D. E. (October 2013) Family Relations, 62(4)

Newlyweds’ optimistic forecasts of their marriage: For better or for worse?
Lavner, J. A., Karney, B. R. and Bradbury, T. N. (August 2013) Journal of Family Psychology, 27(4)

Offering Relationship Education (PREP) for Couples During Pregnancy: Self-Selection Patterns
Engsheden, N. Fabian, H. and Sarkadi, A. (October 2013) Family Relations, 62(4)

Passion for activities and relationship quality: A dyadic approach
Jowett, S., Lafrenière, M. K. and Vallerand, R. J. (September 2013) Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 30(6)

Post-separation parenting and financial arrangements over time: recent qualitative findings
Fehlberg, B. and Millward, C. (August 2013) Family Matters, 92

The effects of co-parenting relationships with ex-spouses on couples in step-families
Cartwright, C. and Gibson, K. (August 2013) Family Matters, 92

“The Way I Am Is the Way You Ought to Be”: Perceiving One’s Relational Status As Unchangeable Motivates Normative Idealization of That Status
Laurin, K. Kille, D. R. and Eibach, R. P. (August 2013) Psychological Science, 24(8)

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