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OnePlusOne Research and Policy Digest July 2013

By OnePlusOne, 26 July 2013 Cohabitation, Marriage, Parenting

OnePlusOne’s monthly roundup of the key research and policy news to emerge from the field of relationships, including the latest journal articles of interest to family and relationships practitioners and researchers.

Research and statistics

Attachment and Parental Divorce: A Test of the Diffusion and Sensitive Period Hypotheses

Divorce has a greater influence on child-parent relationships if it happens in the first few years of the child’s life, suggests new research.

Back to Baseline in Britain: Adaptation in the British Household Panel Survey

A study looking for evidence of adaptation in wellbeing to major life events using eighteen waves of British panel data. Adaptation to marriage, divorce, birth of child and widowhood appears to be rapid and complete; this is not so for unemployment.

Cohabitation and Marriage Intensity: Consolidation, Intimacy and Commitment

Couples who ‘slide’ into living together and then segue into marriage face more long-term issues than those who actively ‘decide’ to take the same steps, according to the latest study.

What Married Couples Want from Each Other During Conflicts: An Investigation of Underlying Concerns

The most common thing that couples want from each other during a conflict is not an apology, but a willingness to relinquish power, according to a new Baylor University study.

Policy and practice

Alliance and Group Cohesion in Relationship Education

Relationship education programmes have been shown as an effective way to increase relationship functioning. There is less known about how process factors, such as alliance with the leader or group dynamics affect outcomes in these interventions. The results of this study demonstrated that participants’ perceptions of cohesion among the members of their relationship education, but not leader-participant alliance, made a significant contribution to the changes in participants’ relationship functioning.

Married Couples to get Tax Breaks by the End of the Year

No 10 confirms government will introduce measure in autumn, with Clegg expected to seek concessions on personal allowance

Massive Expansion of Troubles Families Programme Announced

The government’s groundbreaking Troubled Families programme is to be expanded, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has announced. An additional £200 million will be invested to start to extend intensive help to 400,000 high risk families to get to grips with their problems before they spiral out of control.

Same-sex Marriage becomes law in England and Wales

The Commons has approved all changes proposed to the bill by the Lords, and on 17th July it received royal assent and become law

Journal articles

A longitudinal Assessment of Relationship Characteristics that Predict New Parents’ Relationship Satisfaction

Theiss, J., Estlein, R. and Weber, K. (2013) Personal Relationships, Vol. 20(2)

Age-Related Changes in Demand-Withdraw Communication Behaviours

Holley, S., Haase, C. and Levenson, R. (2013) Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 75(4)

Coparenting Among Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Couples: Associations With Adopted Children’s Outcomes

Farr, R. and Patterson, C. (July/ August 2013), Child Development, Vol. 84(4).

Couples, Money, and Expectations: Negotiating Financial Management Roles to Increase Relationship Satisfaction

Archuleta, K. (2013) Marriage and Family Review, Vol. 49(5)

Low Self-Control Promotes Willingness to Sacrifice in Close Relationships

Righetti, F. Finkenauer, C. and Finkel, E. (2013) Psychological Science, Vol. 24(7)

Parenting Stress and Marital Relationship as Determinants of Mother’s and Father’s Parenting

Ponnet, K., Mortelmans, D., Wouters, E., Van Leeuwan, K., Bastaits, K. and Pasteels, I. (June 2013) Personal Relationships, Vol. 20(2)

Relationship Transitions Among Older Cohabitors: The Role of Health, Wealth and Family Ties

Vespa, J. (2013) Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 75(4)

Risky Business: Is there an Association between Casual Sex and Mental Health among Emerging Adults?

Bersamin, M., Zamboanga, B,. Schwartz, S., Donnellan, M., Hudson, M.,  Weisskirch, R., Kim, S., Agocha, V., Whitbourne, S. and Caraway, S. (2013) Journal of Sex Research, DOI: 10.1080/00224499.2013.772088

The Role of Sleep in Interpersonal Conflict: Do Sleepless Nights Mean Worse Fights

Gordon, A. and Chen, S. (2013) Social Psychological and Personality Science, Vol. 4(4)

“What Happens at Home Does not Necessarily Stay at Home”: The Relationship of Observed Negative Couple Interaction With Physical Health, Mental Health and Work Satisfaction

Sandberg, J., Harper, J., Hill, E., Miller, R., Yorgason, J. and Day, R. (2013) Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 75 (4).

Wives’ and Husbands’ Cortisol Reactivity to Proximal and Distal Dimensions of Couple Conflict

Rodriquez, A. and Margolin, G. (July 2013) Family Process, DOI: 10.1111/famp.12037


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