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OnePlusOne Research and Policy Digest – March 2015

By Lauren Gasser, 27 March 2015 Behaviour change, Children, Civil partnerships, Cohabitation, Communication, Early intervention, Ethnicity, Fathers, Health, Mental health, Sex, Strengthening relationships

Welcome to OnePlusOne’s monthly roundup of key research and policy news to emerge from the field of relationships. This edition features the latest stats on conceptions in England and Wales, updates on LGBT adoptions, and a report on the impact of PSHE and SRE in schools.

Research and statistics

Conceptions in England and Wales, 2013
This bulletin presents estimated annual conceptions occurring to women usually resident in England and Wales in 2013. Conception statistics bring together records of birth registrations collected under the Births and Deaths Registration Act (1953) and abortion notifications received under the Abortion Act (1967), amended by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (2008). The estimates include all pregnancies of women usually resident in England and Wales that lead to: 1) a maternity registered in England and Wales, at which one or more live births or stillbirths occur, or 2) a termination of a pregnancy by abortion under the 1967 Act, which takes place in England and Wales. Conception statistics do not include conceptions resulting in miscarriages or illegal abortions.

 Record number of children adopted by LGBT families
Minister thanks lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities for ‘selfless dedication’ to vulnerable children.

70% of children living with both birth parents – government promotes relationship support
The proportion of children whose parents are raising them together rose by 3 percentage points between 2010/11 and 2012/13. The latest statistics – which are from the Family Stability Indicator – come as the government releases statistics on the number of couples accessing relationship support. Overall since 2010, £30 million government investment has seen 160,000 people access preventative relationship support, over 48,000 couples participate in relationship counselling and over 12,000 practitioners trained to help families in difficulty – returning as much as £11.50 to the taxpayer for every pound spent.

Decline of the stay at home mother: Just one woman in ten is a full time mum
Only one woman in ten now stays at home to raise a family. Official figures show the proportion of women who are stay-at-home mothers has dropped by more than a third in the past two decades to a historic low. But there has been no compensating movement towards staying at home among men. Just over one man in 100 brings up his children full-time.

Policy and practice

Life lessons: PSHE and SRE in schools
This report presents a discussion of the role of PSHE and SRE in schools in England, its quality, whether schools should be required to provide it, and the sufficiency of the Government’s actions in this area. PSHE requires improvement in 40% of schools. The situation appears to have worsened over time, and young people consistently report that the sex and relationships education (SRE) they receive is inadequate. This situation would not be tolerated in other subjects, and yet the Government’s strategy for improving PSHE is weak. There is a mismatch between the priority that the Government claims it gives to PSHE and the steps it has taken to improve the quality of teaching in the subject.

 Bring in blame-free divorces and rights for cohabitants, says law body
Blame-free divorces and fairer property rights for cohabiting couples should be introduced as a matter of urgency, a leading family law organisation has urged.

 Cost of Family Failure: £47 bn and still rising
Relationships Foundation has just updated its annual “Cost of Family Failure Index”, and can reveal the 2015 cost of family breakdown to the taxpayer is £47 billion – costing each taxpayer £1,546 a year.

Specialist support set to benefit 3,000 adopter families
More than 3,000 families that have adopted a child are set to benefit from the government’s £19.3m Adoption Support Fund, latest figures suggest.

Journal articles

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