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OnePlusOne Research and Policy Digest – September 2013

By OnePlusOne, 27 September 2013

OnePlusOne’s monthly roundup of the key research and policy news to emerge from the field of relationships, including the latest journal articles of interest to family and relationships practitioners and researchers.

Research and statistics

Independent taxation – 25 years on: Does it meet today’s needs?

A report from CARE considering the changes in taxation since the 1980s and the degree to which they have met their desired goals.

National well-being wheel of measures

An interactive tool which includes the latest data for all measures of wellbeing (as available at August 2013), and a previous period for comparison. It includes a number of relationship measures which impact on wellbeing.

Personal relationships: Changing attitudes towards sex, marriage and parenthood

The latest findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey: Over the last 30 years, particular types of personal relationships have attracted lots of debate. But what does the public think about sex, marriage and parenthood within the context of these relationships? How have people’s views changed over time and are everyone’s views moving in the same direction?

Policy and practice

Child maintenance: how much should the state require fathers to pay when families separate?

Millions of British households are eligible to receive child maintenance from non-resident parents, but fewer than one-third receive payments regularly, and two-thirds receive nothing. This article reports on a comprehensive study of the British public’s views on these issues.

Common Law Marriage’ myth needs addressing, say MPs

A survey of Members of Parliament has revealed that 69% of parliamentarians agree there is a mistaken belief in the existence of “common law marriage” among their constituents, and that 57% believe the law needs to be changed to provide greater protection for unmarried couples upon separation.

MEPs call for equal property rights for registered partners and married couples

International couples in registered partnerships should have the same right as married ones to choose which member state’s national law will govern their property rights if the relationship ends, the European Parliament has resolved. The Parliament has recommended that draft legislation be amended to this end.  These rules will not apply to the UK, Denmark or Ireland.

Minister says that child support arrangements have ‘turned a corner’

The minister responsible for child maintenance has hailed the progress made in separated parents accepting financial responsibility for their children. At the Children and Young People’s Conference in London he said that Britain has in recent years “turned an important corner”.

Journal articles

Effect of relationship experience on trust recovery following a breach

Schilke, O., Reimann, M. and Cook, K. S. (Sep. 2013) PNAS, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1314857110

Gender differences in implicit self-esteem following a romantic partner’s success or failure

Ratliff, K. A. and Oish, S. (Sep. 2013) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 105(4).

History of dating violence and the association with late adolescent health

Bonomi, A. E., Anderson, M. L., Nemeth, J., Rivara, F. P. and Buettner, C. (Sep. 2013) BMC Public Health, 13.

Housing Cost Burden and Marital Satisfaction

Nelson, S.,  Delgadillo, L. and Dew, J. P. (Sep. 2013)  Journal of Marriage and Family, 49(6)

Leave duration after childbirth: Impacts on maternal mental health, parenting, and couple relationships in Australian two-parent families

Whitehouse, G., Romaniuk, H., Lucas, N. and Nicholson, J. (Nov. 2013) Family Issues, 34(11).

Post-traumatic growth in stroke carers: A comparison of theories

Hallam, W. and Morris, R. (Sep. 2013) Health Psychology, doi: 10.1111/bjhp.12064.


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