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OnePlusOne Research and Policy Digest – December 2015

By OnePlusOne, 08 December 2015 Children, Disability, Divorce, Early intervention, Employment, Health, Legal, Mental health, Money, New parents, Parenting, Separation, Strengthening relationships, Stress, Transitions

OnePlusOne’s monthly roundup of the key research and policy news to emerge from the field of relationships, including the latest journal articles of interest to family and relationships practitioners and researchers.

Research and statistics

The Troubled Families Programme: the perfect social policy?

Stephen Crossley from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies takes a critical look at the government’s claim that the Troubled Families Programme has achieved almost 100 per cent success rate.

Statistical bulletin: Births by Parents’ Characteristics in England and Wales, 2014

This ONS bulletin presents statistics on live births in England and Wales in 2014 by characteristics of the parents.

Statistical bulletin: Childbearing for Women Born in Different Years, England and Wales, 2014

This release previously called “Cohort Fertility” was renamed as “Childbearing for women born in different years” in 2013 and presents statistics on childbearing among women in England and Wales.

Divorces in England and Wales, 2013

ONS data on divorces taking place in England and Wales. The tables contain data for dissolutions and annulments of marriage by previous marital status of persons divorcing, sex and age of persons divorcing, children of divorced couples and facts proven at divorce and to whom granted.

The Evolving Role of Marriage: 1950 –2010

Shelly Lundberg and Robert Pollak review the changes in marriage behaviour in the United States since the 1950s and discuss possible reasons for these changes.

Don’t stay together for our sake, say children

New polling carried out by Resolution has found that around eight out of ten children and young people with experience of parental separation or divorce would prefer their parents to split up if they are unhappy, rather than stay together.

The American Family Survey: summary report: marriage and family— attitudes, practices & policy opinions

This report details the raw results of a YouGov survey carried out by The Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University and the Dereset News on the family in America.

Policy and practice

Program addresses unique challenges affecting female same-sex couples

Relationship education programs for heterosexual couples have shown effectiveness in improving relationships and their stability, report Science Daily. However, researchers explain that these programs contain considerable heterosexual bias and fail to address challenges for same-sex couples, such as discrimination and lack of social support, most notably lack of support from their own families.

Mediation Matters: Family hubs can help children and provide value for taxpayers

Written in advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review, Jane Robey writes in Family Law puts forward an argument for ‘family hubs’ as a cost-effective government action to help families in crises.

Researching Reform: Austerity is harming our children – the family justice system must protect them

A comment piece in the journal Family Law which looks at the side-effects of austerity for the families and how this is playing out in the family justice system.

Assessment of Government Policies (Impact on Families) Bill 2015-16

This Bill is expected to have its second reading debate on Friday 4 December 2015. The Bill would require ministers to carry out an assessment of the impact of government policies on families by giving statutory effect to the family test; to place a duty on the Secretary of State to make a report on the costs and benefits of requiring local authorities to carry out equivalent tests on their policies; to require the Secretary of State to establish, and make an annual report on, indicators of and targets for the government’s performance in promoting family stability; and for connected purposes.

Journal articles

Assessment of positive and negative relationship adjustment in marriage

Mark A. Whisman and Angela Li (2015) Personal Relationships, DOI: 10.1111/pere.12103

Changes in Relationship-Specific Attachment in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy

Melissa Burgess Moser, Susan M. Johnson, Tracy L. Dalgleish, Marie-France Lafontaine, Stephanie A. Wiebe and Giorgio A. Tasca (2015) Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, DOI: 10.1111/jmft.12139

Communication Among Parents Who Share Physical Custody After Divorce or Separation

Melinda Stafford Markham, Jaimee L. Hartenstein, Yolanda T. Mitchell and Ghadir Aljayyousi-Khalil (2015) Journal of Family Issues, DOI:0192513X15616848

Couples Relationship Education and Couples Therapy: Healthy Marriage or Strange Bedfellows?

Howard J. Markman and Lane L. Ritchie (2015) Family Process, DOI: 10.1111/famp.12191

Does Movie Viewing Cultivate Young People’s Unrealistic Expectations About Love and Marriage?

Lauren Galloway, Erika Engstrom and Tara M. Emmers-Sommer (2015) Marriage & Family Review, pp. 687-712

Intense parenting: a qualitative study detailing the experiences of parenting children with complex care needs

Roberta L. Woodgate, Marie Edwards, Jacquie D. Ripat, Barbara Borton and Gina Rempel (2015) BMC Pediatrics, 15:197, DOI 10.1186/s12887-015-0514-5.

It Takes Two? An Exploration of Processes and Outcomes in a Two-Session Couple Intervention

Kay Bradford1, D. Jim Mock and J. Wade Stewart (2015) Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, DOI: 10.1111/jmft.12144

Life satisfaction across life course transitions

Lixia Qu and D A De Vaus (2015) Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia 1322-9974 v. 22 no. 2: 15-27

Measuring what counts: Development of a new four-category measure of adult attachment

Elaine Scharfe (2015) Personal Relationships, DOI: 10.1111/pere.12105

Relational Sacrifices about Intimate Behavior and Relationship Quality for Expectant Cohabitors

Melissa A. Curran, Tricia J. Burke, Valerie Young and Casey Totenhagen (2015) Marriage and Family Review, DOI:10.1080/01494929.2015.1113225

The Salience and Severity of Relationship Problems Among Low-Income Couples.

Grace L. Jackson, Thomas E. Trail, David P. Kennedy, Hannah C. Williamson, Thomas N. Bradbury and Benjamin R. Karney (2015) Journal of Family Psychology,

The Influence of Family Unions and Parenthood Transitions on Self-Development.

Chen, Eva Yi-Ju; Enright, Robert D.; Tung, Eli Yi-Liang (2015) Journal of Family Psychology,

The Intergenerational Transmission of Financial Stress and Relationship Outcomes

Daniel S. Hubler, Brandon K. Burr, Brandt C. Gardner, Robert E. Larzelere & Dean M. Busby (2015) Marriage & Family Review, DOI:10.1080/01494929.2015.1100695

Timing of Sexual Initiation and Relationship Satisfaction in Young Adult Marital and Cohabiting Unions

Giuseppina Valle Holway and Kathryn Harker Tillman (2015) Journal of Family Issues, DOI:0192513X15613826

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