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OnePlusOne responds to Living Apart Together research

By OnePlusOne, 23 April 2013 Children, Cohabitation, Marriage, Strengthening relationships, Transitions

New research released on April 23rd shows one in 10 adults in Britain is in a relationship but does not live with their partner. A fifth of these people would be classed as ‘single’ in a Census or official statistics.

Researchers from NatCen and the Universities of Bradford and Birbeck believe ‘Living Apart Together’ (LAT) should be recognised as a relationship status and counted by those producing statistics and seeking to understand contemporary relationships and families.

Penny Mansfield, Director of OnePlusOne, said it seemed couples were choosing not to live together because either it was too soon, or they wanted a degree of separateness, despite being in a relationship.

To read our full response, click here.


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