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Program addresses unique challenges affecting female same-sex couples

By OnePlusOne, 08 December 2015 Civil partnerships, Communication, Early intervention, Health, Strengthening relationships, Stress

Relationship education has been shown to have a positive impact on future relationship satisfaction and stability.[1] However researchers in the United States have identified that these programmes have considerable heterosexual bias and do not tackle some of the specific challenges faced by same-sex parents such as discrimination, lack of social support and, most notably, lack of support from their own families.

The researchers in this project developed new material to address the needs of female same-sex couples. The pilot was tested on 38 couples in America and results showed positive improvements in communication and relationship satisfaction.

Future research will involve testing the programme on a larger number of couples and exploring whether the programme’s effectiveness might also help with physical health disparities affecting lesbian women, including higher rates of cancer, heart disease, smoking and obesity.

Read more about the study here.

[1] Coleman, L., & Stoilova, M. (2014). Opportunities for Relationship Support: A set of diverse case studies. London: Relationships Alliance.


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