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Talking Can Reduce Pain – Relationships Australia survey

By OnePlusOne, 03 August 2015 Communication, Health, Mental health, Strengthening relationships, Stress

It is amazing how many areas of life relationships impact upon. This online survey carried out by Relationships Australia is yet another study that demonstrates the link between good quality relationships and physical health.

The online survey was looking at the effect of chronic pain on relationships and attracted more than 1450 respondents. While 95% of respondents thought that chronic pain had a moderate to severe effect on their relationships, 58% found that talking to a family member about their chronic pain made the pain better.

This finding is important as it confirms the belief that positive relationships can help long-term pain sufferers cope with their pain. The implications of the research is that treatment of pain is not simply about one thing and that investing in relationships can be one strategy in pain management.

To read the full report click here.



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