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The votes are in for the nation’s top Love Nugget

By Lauren Gasser, 07 October 2014 Strengthening relationships

After over 700 submissions from the general public, the votes are finally in for the Nation’s top Love Nugget. The winner is:

‘Always saying “I love you” with a hug and a smooch before parting.’

This simple, tactile gesture was selected as the most effective and thoughtful everyday thing one might do to make a happy relationship, according to a poll that ran simultaneously on TheCoupleConnection, Dad.Info, Netmums, The Student Room and Youthnet’s websites in September. It beat 735 other examples submitted by the general public to the Love Nuggets website since its launch in July.

Other thoughtful submissions include:

  • ‘We try to talk things out and not let things build up that might be bothering us.’
  • ‘I sometimes reschedule my boys’ night out if it’s the only night she’s free.’
  • ‘My girlfriend is a terrible cook so whenever I go to hers I leave portions of meals in her freezer.’
  • ‘I like it when we cancel whatever we had on that day to stay in bed.’
  • ‘We have baths together – chat, have a drink. It’s lovely.’

Love Nuggets are the everyday things people do that make a happy relationship, which are often underappreciated or taken for granted. The campaign and website were launched to encourage people to celebrate these simple acts and to share their own examples.

The website is based on evidence which suggests that for a relationship to work it is important to ‘say it’, ‘show it’ and perhaps most notably ‘do it’.

Love Nuggets are simple, inexpensive and honest – the kind of gesture you could enact every day for 50 years. They are also very personal, often meaning a great deal to two people and making no sense to anyone else (‘She dresses up as a bumble bee when I’m sad’ being a particularly personal submission). The winning Love Nugget also highlights the importance of maintained physical contact and intimacy in a relationship.

Our recent research into the exchange between work-life and home-life also found that successful personal relationships at home could have a positive effect on productivity and satisfaction at work, suggesting that Love Nuggets, or small gestures of kindness, may positively impact several aspects of one’s life.

For mothers and fathers, there is evidence to suggest that exposing children to these day-to-day acts of affection or thoughtfulness may improve their relationship quality in later life, as children as young as three months pick up on the interactions between their parents.

Commenting on the nation’s top six love nuggets, OnePlusOne’s Director Penny Mansfield said:

‘The finding of the poll echo what other recent studies, such as the Enduring Love report, have told us – it really is the simple and thoughtful everyday gestures that matter most in a relationship.

‘It’s been encouraging to see so many people acknowledging the importance of these seemingly mundane acts through their submissions to the Love Nuggets website this summer.

‘By taking an active role in demonstrating love as well as saying it, couples are helping to strengthen their own relationship. This increases the chances of the relationship surviving the tougher times that most couples will face at some point.’

Love Nuggets can be something a partner does for you, an everyday act you do for someone else, or a gesture you’ve seen, heard or remembered. If there is a Love Nugget that you’d like to share, please visit



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