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The top ten reasons for divorce in 2015

By OnePlusOne, 30 September 2015 Affairs, Conflict, Divorce, Legal, Separation

By law there are only five ‘facts’ that provide grounds for divorce: adultery; unreasonable behaviour; desertion; two years’ separation with consent; or five years’ separation without consent. However, this recent poll of 5,000 online divorce customers reveals that the number one reason that they actually gave for their divorce was that they ‘simply grew apart’.

There are longstanding concerns that a fault-based divorce law can cause or exacerbate hostility and bitterness, while not saving marriages. OnePlusOne are involved in a new ‘Finding Fault’ project which aims to explore how the current law operates in practice and to inform debate about whether and how the law might be reformed. You can read more about our involvement in this project here.

You can view the full research article here.


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