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The Work Martyr’s Affair: How America’s Lost Week Quietly Threatens Our Relationships

By OnePlusOne, 03 August 2015 Behaviour change, Cohabitation, Communication, Conflict, Employment, Health, Marriage, Mental health, Money, Strengthening relationships, Stress, Work-life balance

It appears that American employees are not taking all of their holidays and that this could be having an impact on their relationships. On average, the 1,214 people surveyed by GfK public affairs only take 16 of their allocated 20 days off and the result is that they are losing out on quality time with their partners and children.

Despite most (96%) employees saying that their families understand when work infringes on family time, one in three (36%) of all couples surveyed admitted to arguing about the amount of time needed for work versus the amount of quality time needed for each other. Feeling the need to work more hours is common but the survey revealed that the 54% of households that set aside time to plan out time off for the year are happier in almost every category measured in the survey.

Rest is actually important for work engagement and employees who are happier at home are more likely to be engaged at work so taking holiday is actually good for both the employer and the employee.

To read the full report click here.


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