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What works to enhance inter-parental relationships and improve outcomes for children

By OnePlusOne, 30 March 2016

Research and evidence suggests couple and parental relationships are an important site for early intervention. This has implications for a wide range of policy areas from effective approaches to child mental health to managing child behaviours. In particular, it is important that policy makers and commissioners consider interventions and support for both the couple and the parenting relationship, both the mother-child and the father-child relationship. This report highlights important findings such as parents and couples who engage in frequent, intense and poorly resolved inter-parental conflicts put children’s mental health and long-term life chances at risk, and that children of all ages can be affected by destructive inter-parental conflict, with effects evidenced across infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Drawing on the findings of the review, the report considers a number of implications for policy and practice.

Read the full report from the Early Intervention Foundation.


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