Working paper on the provision of relationship support to ‘mixed’ couples and families (2012)

05 April 2012

This working paper reports on a collaboration between academics and the voluntary sector that aimed to develop online relationship resources and training modules for the benefit of ‘mixed’ couples and their children, health and social welfare practitioners and support groups: ‘The Facilitating Relationship Support for ‘Mixed’ Couples and Families: A Collaborative Approach and Evaluation’ project. ‘Mixed’ here refers to couple relationships where each member is from a different racial or ethnic background.

Academics who had conducted research on ‘mixed’ couples and families, under the Families & Social Capital Research Group’s programme of research at London South Bank University, joined forces with researchers and information providers from OnePlusOne, a national voluntary organisation that aims to enhance understanding of how family relationships contribute to the well being of adults and children. Together they led on the project and collaborated with representatives from three key agencies that support ‘mixed’ people, relationship and families: People in Harmony, Intermix, and Mix Together.

Full text available at:

Coleman, L., Bauer, E., Houlston, C., & Edwards, R. (2012). An academic and voluntary sector collaboration to facilitate relationship support for ‘mixed’ couples and families. Families, Relationships and Societies.