Applying the ‘Helping Process’ to the Netmums’ Online Service: report (2009)

22 March 2012

Netmums is an online support service for parents. The service provides a wide range of information and resources, ranging from information on local services; mental health; education; health; relationships; events; childcare. This information is provided through a number of mechanisms, including static information on web pages, forums, courses provided by emails sent to users registered email addresses, and books available for purchase.

A number of evaluations have covered different elements of the service, but no study to date has to date considered how the service acts as a model of support for users. One model of support, the Helping Process (Braun, Davis & Mansfield, 2006), was developed in the UK examining how face to face parenting services support parents. This provides an interesting and relevant context with which to examine the Netmums service.

This report examines evidence on the Netmums online service, supporting its relevance and applicability to the Helping Process (Braun, Davis & Mansfield, 2006). Data are drawn from two previous evaluations (Relationships Course and Parent Supporters Survey).

Full text available at:

Glenn, F. & Coleman, L. (2009). Applying the ‘Helping Process’ to the Netmums’ Online Service. OnePlusOne.