Don’t let baby tears tear you apart

25 July 2013

This new advice guide is being issued as a result of OnePlusOne/ICM research, which found that two-fifths (42%) of parents who are no longer with the parent of their first child separated during pregnancy or before the child reached three-years-old. The research also revealed that new parents cite ‘lack of sleep’ as having the biggest negative effect on their relationship since having a baby.

  • In the first section of the guide – Don’t let baby tears tear you apart  – OnePlusOne takes a look at why we are hard-wired to respond to the sound of a crying baby in the way that we do ).  The guide also offers practical advice for parents on how best to cope.
  • In the second section, Jan Mitcheson, relationship expert at OnePlusOne and a former health visitor, gives some tips to help parents to hold it together while coping with a crying baby
  • And in the final section, parents from around the country give their top  tips.

Title: Don’t let baby tears tear you apart: Top tips and relationship advice for new parents

Authors: Lorna Harris, Ana Granger, Jan Mitcheson

Click here to download in PDF format.