Engaging Workplaces, Effective Relationships (2014)

03 July 2014

Authors: Charlotte Sweeney & Jonathan Swan

In 2012 Working Families and OnePlusOne collaborated on a ground-breaking study to increase understanding about the association between Relationship Quality and Work Engagement. The study concluded that Relationship Quality and Work Engagement are positively associated, and that stress from work exerts a greater negative impact on work performance and family-life, compared to stress originating from family-life.

We decided to continue working together to develop resources that will support increased engagement between employees and employers to deal with these issues. We have been encouraged to see how well these tools have been integrated into ‘business as usual’ in the companies that have trialled them. Some of the tools seem simple – indeed they are – but the effects they have can be very significant.

You can read all about the ways we have been working with organisations and individuals by downloading Engaging Workplaces, Effective Relationships here.