Seminar on the financial implications of shared parenting? (2010)

28 March 2012

At least nine per cent of separated parents share care of their child equally or nearly equally with the child’s other parent. This was a larger estimate than previously assumed, indicating that a trend may be growing trend towards shared parenting.

There is also increasing policy interest in this subject. The Coalition Government’s agreement stated that “we will encourage shared parenting from the earliest stages of pregnancy – including the promotion of a system of flexible parental leave”.

In November 2010 Gingerbread and OnePlusOne organised two seminars on shared parenting post separation. The first looked at the legal and emotional implications of shared parenting and the second focused on the financial
implications of parents sharing care.

Each seminar consisted of presentations by panellists and a question and answer session. This was followed by a structured discussion facilitated by the Chair involving delegates and panellists based on 1 or 2 guiding questions. Both seminars were conducted under the Chatham House rule.

The views recorded in this document reflect the content of the seminar and do not necessarily represent the organisational positions of Gingerbread and OnePlusOne.

Full text available at:

Shared parenting seminar: What are the financial implications of shared parenting? (PDF, 187kb)