Invest in our innovation

OnePlusOne are making a real difference for families, but investment has never been more difficult to secure. Help bring to life our ideas for innovative, effective relationship support – in schools, in workplaces, in communities – by investing in our new projects.

Your can support us by:

  • making a donation
  • social investment
  • making us your company’s charity of the year
  • choosing us as a beneficiary of your fundraising event

However you would like to work with us, we can develop a partnership that will make a measurable, lasting difference.

Partner with us

OnePlusOne works in partnership with other charities, health practitioners, employers, research centres and government departments to make the greatest impact we can.

We would like to work with your company to improve your workforce’s performance; with your health centre to improve your community’s emotional health; with your volunteer team so that they work more safely and effectively with your clients. Find out more in our partnership section.

Become an ambassador for early support in relationships

Not enough people know about the importance of getting help early. We need the help of leading health practitioners, human resources heads, service commissioners and policy leads to speak out with us about why this matters so much, and help us embed it in frontline practice, workplaces and communities.

For more information please email, or call 02075539530.