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This award winning training course will give you the skills, information and confidence you need to respond early and effectively to people who approach you for help with their relationship. Originally developed for the health service, of the 5,000+ managers who underwent the training, 97% said their confidence had increased. Find out more here.

Brief Encounters: Skills Training (B.E.S.T)

This training program will give managers the skills they need to help employees deal with personal issues. And in doing so, limit the business risk of damaged employee engagement, productivity and morale. Find out more here.

How to Argue Better

This course will give you the knowledge, understanding and resources you need to help parents manage conflict and reduce its impact on children. Find out more here.

Me, You and Baby TooMYBT logo without text

The MYBT course helps new parents to understand the changes they will come up against, and teaches them how to adapt as their relationship undergoes this major shift into parenthood. Find out more here.