Early Action on Relationship Support (EARS) Partnership


We know that troubled relationships are associated with physical and mental health problems. There is also evidence that poor relationship quality is linked to poorer parenting. Children who see their parents split up are more likely to have poorer mental health, low educational attainment, increased risk of involvement with crime or antisocial behaviour, and teenage pregnancy. There is also an increasing realisation that providing help to couples at an early stage can improve health and educational outcomes for the whole family and wider community.

It is often healthcare professionals, who are there at the “turn to” moment when somebody opens up for the first time about a relationship problem. At OnePlusOne we are aware that there is strong demand from frontline workers in the health sector for high quality, practical tools to help couples work through relationship problems.

We have therefore established the EARS Partnership as an opportunity for like-minded organisations to work collaboratively to champion early support for couples experiencing relationship problems and to develop easy-to-use tools and resources to help healthcare professionals respond to these situations effectively.

The partnership objectives

To work collaboratively with relevant organisations to increase effective early intervention in couple relationships experiencing problems and thereby improve health and wellbeing for adults and children.

Do you want to hear more or to join the partnership?

Call or email our Head of Communications and Marketing, Daniel Moir, on  Daniel.Moir@oneplusone.org.uk or 0207  553 9530.