Impact Report: Strengthening Relationships

Good relationships keep families strong, healthy and productive. Poor relationships can damage mental health and physical wellbeing. The effects of family breakdown cost the state £42 billion per year and can leave children with a legacy that continues the cycle into the next generation, and the one after that. OnePlusOne exists to address these challenges.

We promote early action in relationship support

We create resources that give people the skills and knowledge to tackle relationship issues before they become entrenched.

We help couples and families through a range of web services

Our online learning equips frontline workers with the skills to offer timely, effective face-to-face support to families.

Everything we do is based on the latest evidence

Our research builds the knowledge base on relationships and by sharing what we know, we influence policy and the creation of services that work.

We build stronger relationships, thriving families, a more resilient society.

Download the full impact report:

Strengthening relationships: making a difference differently, 1971-2011 and beyond (PDF, 5.12mb)