OnePlusOne works in partnership with other charities, health practitioners, employers, research centres, government departments etc to make the greatest impact.

Relationship organisations
Relationship support organisations which focus on couples counselling, mediation, relationship and marriage preparation, children & young people’s counselling services.

Health practitioners
Charities that improve the lives of those with mental health problems or learning disabilities, offering people help and therapy.

Information for individuals and families on the justice system for relationship and support services.

Research centres
Research organisations with an interest in parental, couples and families relationship issues

Government departments
Government departments with a vested political and research interest in relationships of families and couples in the UK.

Education, housing (and housing association), pet services and others
Organisations and institutions charged with providing help and support during and after family splits and breakups.

Local authorities (UK)
Local governments with an interest in relationships of families, couples and children’s welfare in their locality.

Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP)
SPIP is a course focused on the needs of children in families that are going through or have been through separation or divorce.