Using the ParentConnection to support clients

In 2010 building on the success of our relationship support service the CoupleConnection, OnePlusOne launched the ParentConnection. Working with family mediators to translate both research evidence and what is known to work in a face to face setting, this web service provides a wide range of resources that professionals can signpost to and separated parents can use independently.

For lawyers and mediators:

  • A resource to deepen your own understanding of the relationship dynamics common to separated parents. This may be particularly helpful to newly qualified professionals or those from a non therapeutic background.
  • A place to refer clients to, recognising that they may need additional support that you are unable to offer.
  • Parents who are tapping in to additional sources of support to deal with their distress and relational difficulties are able to get the best out of what lawyers and mediators are able to offer.

For parents:

  • Increased confidence in understanding and managing their feelings and behaviour.
  • Recognise the benefits of developing a new co-parenting relationship for the benefit of the children and themselves.
  • Better equipped to avoid or nip in the bud potential disputes and a source of ideas to promote positive and constructive ways of relating.
  • Provides signposting to other services.

Visit the ParentConnection