Early Intervention

Relationship breakdown is damaging to children

Early intervention is at the heart of what we do

The evidence suggests that it is possible to strengthen couple relationships by offering timely interventions before there is significant erosion in relationship satisfaction.

The outcomes of leaving it too late – relationship breakdown – are costly to adults, children and society.

“One great merit of Early Intervention is that it can help so many families under stress to fulfil their mission of giving children a secure and loving space in which to grow up. It can keep families together and save many children from the trauma of break-up and removal.”

Graham Allen Review 2011

For that reason much of our work is focused on providing services that are universally accessible. This is achieved through our direct web based services to the public, such as the CoupleConnection and the ParentConnection or by training frontline practitioners and volunteers to recognise the signs of relationship distress and offer early support.