Crossroads project: developing digital skills through building relational capability (Challenge Fund I)

Who we worked with

The partnership: Good Things Foundation and OnePlusOne

Short summary

Limited access to digital resources and a lack of digital skills is more prevalent in already disadvantaged communities. Similarly, relationship conflict is more likely to have a damaging impact in households in which there are existing vulnerabilities.

The challenge of the project is to find a way to engage individuals to develop their digital skills whilst supporting them to build and maintain happy and healthy relationships.

The project, which has been funded by the Department forWork and Pensions set out to provide support and skill development for parents under the digital stream of the Challenge Fund reducing parental conflict agenda.

The project has two elements:

(1) Development of online resources that will support parents to not only develop their digital literacy skills but also their relational capability skills. That is, those skills that support the development and maintenance of relationships. Behaviour Modelling Training and behaviour change theory will be used to develop videos that will demonstrate the skills needed to develop relational capability. A key part of this project is its test and learn nature. Through this it will be possible to determine the most effective way of engaging users and teaching skills through a digital medium.

(2) Training will also be provided to volunteers who work at the many community centres that engage with Good Things Foundation. Volunteers will learn how to have conversations about relationships and how to identify and signpost parents to the online resource. These volunteers will then support users to engage with the digital content and promote the development of their digital skills.

The project will be delivered through a partnership between the charities Good Things Foundation and OnePlusOne from April 2019 to March 2020.

What we achieved

This project is ongoing so please watch this space.

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