How to Argue Better – crowdfunding

Who we worked with

An inhouse OnePlusOne project backed by people online and working with young videographers.

Short summary

How to argue better is our successful programme currently teaching practitioners to help parents. The crowdfunding campaign was set up to kickstart our fundraising to turn How to argue better into a digital programme. Going digital will help parents and couples directly – teaching them to communicate more effectively to improve the lives of their children.

What we achieved

We are pleased to have raised over £6,000 in our first ever crowdfunding attempt. Thank you to everybody who supported us. The project gave us a real boost as we found more people interested in learning relationship skills.  

As our practitioner programme has been running for over twelve years, we have collated evidence and evaluation to create an effective online version. The ability to do so will mean that parents can access the information from the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own computer, tablet or phone. Please watch this space for more information about supporting the next stage of this project.

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