Online dating - Marriage is in the profile, not in the stars


In this brief report, we take a look at studies exploring whether online dating services are producing relationship longevity and explore other areas for future research.

Research report - Marriage is in the profile, not the stars


Odds on getting married?

Assessment mindset

Marriage ready

Communication will note that we say...

The research that we consider here does not tell us is who is dating online. This is important as the ‘who’ will also affect the potential for turning online romantic relationships into marriage. For example, if you date online because you are shy, older, or struggle to meet people in person; or because you live in a remote rural area, these variable scan dramatically affect being ‘marriage ready’.

The concept of the ‘assessment mindset’ is very interesting. For us, this highlights the difference between a transactional and interactional approaches to relationships.

A transactional approach is a very individual focus about what the person is seeking for their relationship, ie what they require from a partner. Looking for ‘the one’ requires serious knowledge about yourself (that many people either do not have, or have miscalculated).

An interactional approach requires thinking about yourself in relation to others and vice versa. It is that mutuality that makes relationships satisfying and longer lasting.

So, while it is evidently important to think about what goes into your profile statement, we would like to know more about who is dating online before we can deduce how this method of meeting people is affecting relationship longevity.

In the meantime, the short answer to succeeding in relationships is good old-fashioned communication, communication, communication!

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