Online & real life dating - young people


In this brief report, we take a look at recent studies relating to how and why young people are using online dating services, together with what may be interesting to explore further.

Read the research here - Young people online & real life dating


Dating app use = increasing

Motivation = complicated

Delay = disappointment

Tech = influence

And... you will see that in conclusion... we say...

We are all still learning about how technology such as dating apps will impact our ability to create and maintain relationships. The above research suggest that online relationships are different, which echoes existing research [6].However, it is clear that a wider pool of possible partners and greater choice doesn’t necessarily mean better choice.

Technology scripts for relationship initiation and development should be separate to the usual non-committal hook ups scripts, unless of course the app is openly only designed for hook ups. This is the best way to ensure individual users have the greatest amount of dating and relationship options.

As dating app use increases for young people, more research should be conducted to investigate and highlight the realities of how using an app may impact their choices and clarify when to move from the app to face to face communication if the user wants a relationship to blossom.

We can also improve our interaction skills generally. For example, we can learn to recognise when and how to change an interaction depending on what we want and by reading emotional cues. This is called ‘relational capability’ and it is something we have been researching for decades.

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