Relationships & Sex Education #RSEDay


The modern way of campaigning often involves joining forces with people who share your values and co-ordinated tweeting!

This is what happened with charities, organisations, schools, pupils and MPs working around the country to raise awareness for #RSEDay in June 2019. I understand it was trending on a number of occasions during the day - a success that everybody will undoubtedly want to keep building on for next year.

We have been involved with the changes to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) from the outset. Our director can talk at some length about the many debates that took place to get 'Relationships' up front (it was previously Sex & Relationships Education). There has been decades of work from so many people to get the government to understand the need to legislate to improve the quality of RSE in schools around the country. These battles are hard won but will make a real difference to children and young people as they grow up.

It was felt by many that #RSEDay took on additional importance this year due to some negative and misleading coverage of the government's new guidelines about teaching children and young people about relationships in schools. You may have seen on the news that there have been protests outside schools in Birmingham from a small group of people. Sadly, the noise that they have created has led to confusion about the positive benefits of RSE.

Alongside other relationship and family focused charities and organisations, we settled on three main messages on #RSEDay: 

  • Relationships education is foundational (i.e. building blocks to learning about sex education, consent, strong mental health).
  • Relationships education must support children & young people in relationship challenges they face today, as well as in their ambitions for positive relationships and committed relationships as adults.
  • Children and young people learn about relationships and develop skills through their experience of relationships.  This understanding must be reflected in how we work together as parents, carers, schools and decision makers.

A little look at some of our tweets during #RSEDay

    1.  Interpersonal connection is essential to human thriving.The ability to cultivate relationships (friends, familial, professional or intimate) is vital to healthy development.Think           about these points and welcome #relationshipseducation#RSEday#relationshipskills

  1. Teachers, like parents, are powerful role models & can model relational skills. The presence of these ‘relational attributes’ is as important, if not more so, in the early yrs workforce in primary schools. #relationshipseducation#RSEday#relationshipskills#wholeschoolapproach
  2. Learning skills to be capable in relationships = improving interactions with teachers, classmates & at home. In adulthood, these skills are built on to prosper in the workplace, engage effectively with public services & in personal relationships. #relationshipseducation#RSEday
  3. See some of the comments we received from teenagers when we were researching with @TheMixUK to complete our response to the government's RSE consultation....  #relationshipseducation#RSEday#relationshipskills

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